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VSAT NOW. operates as a iDirect / Linkstar / SCPC vsat uplink provider and consultant, bringing clients and broadband satellite internet services together in service footprints across the Asia Region. We provide our clients satellite internet equipment and monthly services directly from the Teleport Operator.  We take care of the documentation with you so the process is a single point of sale.  VSAT NOW. Sr. Sales Engineers can answer your technical questions or obtain the answers for you from our experienced tier 4 support managers. We pride ourselves in being able to relate in terms that management or IT folks can clearly understand.

VSAT NOW. offers Broadband Satellite Internet solutions that are straightforward.  Many of the Value Added Resellers of vsat equipment suggest their Private Label offerings are the way to go.  The truth is, if you buy business grade satellite internet in the ASIA, you will very likely have service on a satellite transponder owned by either SES Amerinet, Satmex, Asia Sat, Intelsat, Telesat or New Skies.  The satellite dishes are manufactured by a handful of netpanies including ASC Signal (Andrews) , Prodelin or Patriot and the most popular vsat internet modems are provided by iDirect, nettech, HughesNet and ViaSatThe real difference in quality lies more in how well your vsat internet equipment is installed, how low the contention ratio the uplink provider permits and the dedication of NOC (network operations center) personnel to solving whatever problems might arise in your connectivity. VSAT NOW. is very careful to balance lowest cost with highest overall performance.

VSAT NOW. Internet Solutions:

iDirect KU and C Band Business Ground stations

In most cases a 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 3.7 and 4.5 meter dish is utilized with a 3 to 80 watt transmitter to attain consistent download speeds ranging from 32kbps to 10,000kbps and upload speeds from 32kbps to 10000kbps.  Rain fade is minimized by the use of variable watt transmitters, advanced modems and equipment at the Network Operations Centers.  This is industrial strength satellite internet!

Mobil VSAT Solutions

VSAT NOW. has tested every imaginable type of motorized vsat self-pointing system. There have been many new products introduced during the last 12 months and we are currently evaluating all of them. Configured with iDirect Infinity and Evolution modems or ViaSat Surfbeam modems, you can get most any job handled.  There are less expensive products on the market which are designed for light duty motor home use and don't have the durability, consistent speeds or acquisition time demanded by most Enterprise users. Give one of our Sr. Sales Engineers an E-maill and we will untangle things for you -





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